Alūksne Municipality, Alūksne, the Siseņi Pines

Location of the monument:

Latitude: 57.421769
Longitude: 27.081941

When the Nazi troops entered Alūksne in July 1941, all Jews of the town were arrested. On 12 August a German SD unit (“Arājs’ Commando”) with the assistance of local self–defenders convoyed the arrested Jews together with other victims of other ethnicities to the Siseņi Pine Grove near the bounds of Alūksne and shot them.

During the Soviet period on the site of murder in the Siseņi Pine Grove a monument was erected, it bears an inscription in Latvian and Russian: “In this place in the summer of 1941 bourgeois nationalists murdered 300 residents of Alūksne”. In the 1960s the victims were reinterred from the site of murder in the Brethren Cemetery of Alūksne.

Further reading:

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