Krāslava Municipality, Krāslava, the Bank of the Daugava River

Location of the monument:

Latitude: 55.886682
Longitude: 27.170091

With the beginning of the Nazi occupation of Krāslava, already on 29 June 1941 the local self–defenders began arresting and shooting some Jews. At the end of July mass–scale arrests began, as the result of which the Jews of Krāslava (approximately 1000 people) were placed in two synagogues and adjacent buildings. On 26 July 1941 the arrested Jews were convoyed to Daugavpils ghetto; the feeblest were shot on the way (approximately 40 persons). In August local self–defenders and policemen arrested a couple of hundred Jews from Krāslava more. Part of them was taken to the Augustovka Ravine (approximately 1 km from Krāslava) and a part of them – to the bank of the Daugava River near turpentine factory and were shot there.

To commemorate those murdered next to the former turpentine factory, the Council of Jewish Communities of Latvia in 2008 placed at the bank of the Daugava River a monument in red granite with the Star of David and an inscription in Latvian “In July and August 1941 200 Jews of Krāslava were murdered on the river bank.”

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