Aizpute Municipality, Aizpute, the Padure Pine Grove

Location of the memorial place:

Longitude: 21.585033

The Nazi troops entered Aizpute on 28 June 1941. Some Jews were shot already at the begging of June in the Dzirkaļi Forest and the town park, but other Jews of the town and its vicinity were arrested and placed into two synagogues of the town. Mass murders of Jews were conducted in two actions. During the first one on 24 July the local self–defenders shot 39 Jews of Aizpute in the Padure Pine Grove of Laža parish. The second killing took place on 27 October, when the German SD unit that had arrived from Liepāja shot 386 Jews in a forest not far from the farm “Dzirkaļi” (approximately 3 km from Aizpute).

On 24 August 2006 on the site of murder in the Padure Pine Grove a symbolic sign with the Star of David was placed on one of the trees. There is no information about reinterment of the victims.

Further reading:

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